Quebec Wildlife Protection Service Flag
Quebec Wildlife Protection Service Flag

The wildlife protection in Quebec, is a history of more than 140 years.....

Since 1867, when Quebec was appointed the first two game wardens, women and men ensure the protection of our wildlife heritage. These individuals, who were formerly  fish and game warden but we now call wildlife protection officers, crisscross our forests and lakes to enforce the various regulations under several laws. So every day, rain or shine, they check and educate users of our precious wildlife resources.

Then they were previously responsible for the application of some laws that applied exclusively to hunting and fishing, now they ensure compliance with a dozen other laws connected with the conservation of wildlife and protection habitat. Over recent decades, wildlife protection officer have become indispensable actors in the fight against poaching and in the protection of our wildlife habitats.


September 10, 2008, A page in the history of the wildlife protection of Quebec is written :

Now, In the organisation of the wildlife protection, the authority will be made more visible by the symbol of new grades. These will be worn on the shoulders of the uniform of wildlife officers and the number of lines will reflect the seniority of the person who bears them.

The main objective of this line of command is to enhance the work of wildlife protection officers and consolidate the identity of the latter through a protocol to the image of the other Peace Officers.

The work of the modern game warden

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